Alex Costa vs Nick Milani

If magical lamps existed your first request to the genie might be to create a succulent and muscled peach of an ass like Nick Milani’s. Request #2 might be a sweaty and long tussle in the mat room that ends with Nick’s ass high in the air getting pounded raw by Alex Costa. Here at MBW dreams come true and this hour long fight and fuck grind show is one for the history books. Nick may look pretty but he is a tough wrestler. He takes all the nasty slams, mat holds and verbal tauting that Alex throws at him. He also has a background in kick boxing and he slashes at Alex many times and even manages to knock him off his feet. In between blows both these jacked boys are so hot for each other we could swear we saw actual sparks flying. The way Alex caresses Nick's ass while grunting and moaning is foreshadowing of things to cum. When the fucking officially starts you might want to play a game and count how many different positions Alex drills his raw cock into Nick’s butt. He drills him on his back, against the wall, upside down, doggy style, etc etc. Last we counted it was something near 172.  For your 3rd wish ask the genie to make a bronze cast of that perfect bubble butt so we can mount it at the top of a mountain and declare it the best that ever was.

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