Derek Bolt vs Max Adonis

Max Adonis is as sneaky as he is sexy. Clearly mismatched against the god like Derek Bolt he tries all his devious seduction techniques to distract Derek from realizing they are standing in a wrestling ring and this is supposed to be a FIGHT. As the two men grope, kiss, and grind Adonis almost pulls it off. But Derek Bolt isn’t new to this rodeo! He charges at Max with slams, gut punches, and an elbow drop that feels like an earthquake at center ring. Max keeps at it, taking Derek’s nips and cock in his mouth whenever the opportunity (ahem) arises. But what really will turn your crank is how Max manages to trap Derek in some nifty sub holds and even dominates the big man! Bolt might not be having his best day in the ring and when the wrestlers strip down and start fucking and sucking he doesn’t seem to mind ending up on the bottom. He rides the Adonis cock with glee and then takes it on his back and on his knees and on his side. You haven’t lived a full life until you’ve seen a giant sexy bodybuilder like Derek getting plowed and pounded inside the squared circle! To finish off this sly masterpiece Max sprays his cum all over Derek’s face. The expression on Derek’s face? Priceless. 

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