Scrappy McNair vs Jaxx Thanatos

Jaxx is hairy, muscled and looks like a combination of Henry Cavill and Stone Cold Steve Austin. It’s a truly rare thing when a big man like Jaxx can move and wrestle as well as he does on the mat. This fierce battle pitts our fave muscle boy with the golden locks and gleaming white ass against a behemoth almost twice his size! Jaxx is a natural and he slices and dices Scrappy with precision, hammering him with body punches and slams. Scrappy is a scrappy punk and he always holds his own against bigger men - he rages back at Jaxx with gusto! Trapping the big man with a body scissor is a great idea and he slaps on a ton of other great holds along the way. He even scoops up this giant for a bodyslam! Then he strips Jaxx of his trunks (and takes off his own) and reveals both men in sexy jockstraps. As their backs and butts glisten with sweat the 2nd half is all jockstraps and muscle and ferocious action! Eventually Jaxx's size is too much to handle, even for Scrappy. The bigger man takes control and does things to Scrappy you will ONLY see at MBW! Like it or not Scrappy is just too hot for Jaxx to give up the chance to grind his junk in Scrappy’s face (over and over!). Scrappy tries to wriggle free but Jaxx is NOT having it, he just grinds and GRINDS some more. Jaxx finishes Scrappy by turning him upside down and setting him up for a half naked tombstone piledriver! With Scrappy’s gorgeous butt cheeks pressed near his face, Jaxx slowly parades his prize around the mat room while teasing him viciously. Scrappy ends up with his back on the mat and Jaxx's boot on his chest - this might be the most homo-erotic match Scrappy has ever done! 

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