Joey McCoy vs Spencer Hawkins vs Kurt Fletcher

Who likes to watch jobber boy Joey McCoy get destroyed? We get tons of requests for a two on one destruction so here is one that will really get your blood pumping. Spencer and Kurt decide to team up and double team poor Joey and holy hell do they put the boots to this boy toy. With tons of vicious chops, stomps, punches, and chokes these two dig their boots (literally) into little Joey and never let up. If that weren’t enough then they have a suplex context to see which dude can drill Joey with the nastiest suplex! After nailing the boy with several suplexes they double suplex him they continue their onslaught! Once Joey has been flattened like a pancake and rolls out of the ring like a limp rag, Kurt decides that the other pretty boy needs to get leveled. He makes quick work of Spencer with stiff pro style moves that buries young Spence before he even had a chance to celebrate their double annihilation of Joey. If you like watching gorgeous boys get demolished then this one is for you! 

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