Nick Flex vs Leo Luckett

We are not going to lie to you fans, we know you know. Nick Flex is gonna beat the shit out of Leo Luckett! This bad boy vs pretty boy match up is mind blowing delicious. As always Nick shows NO mercy when pitted against a smaller opponent and Leo takes a bone crushing squash here. In between the huge throws, knees to the head, punches to the skull, and slaps to his ass Leo does manage to get the big man off his feet. Watching him clobber Nick’s upper back with blows and trap Nick in a nifty camel gives you glimpses of what might have been. But this is Nick Flex and Leo is a tasty morsel and Nick will devour him with raging hunger. In between the all out thrashing Nick takes a few moments to pull out his dick and stroke it. He gazes at Leo as if he were a lion at meal time. Later in the match, Leo is stripped naked and Nick plays with Leo’s ass, dick, and balls while Leo moans with pleasure and pain! We bet you fans will be moaning too! 

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