Taylor Reign vs Marcus Ryan

With this 1 hour wrestle-fest Taylor has become the king of the long, sweaty fights! This time it’s twinky jobber Marcus Ryan that locks up with Taylor. The battle of the twinks tumbles from the MBW ring into the mat room for after hours naked wrestling and lots of foot play (and fucking). Taylor can play the heel as good as any big man and giving him a boy toy like Marcus to torture and plow is going to make all our fans reach for the lube. But wait! What’s this we see? Can it be REAL?! Marcus Ryan delivering vicious stomps? Punches? Working Taylor’s balls and then headbutting him in the junk?! Oh yeah fans, this boy finally wants to break out of the jobber role and turn some heads (while other heads get rock hard). He even manages to slap on a sweet camel clutch and a sleeper on the reeling Taylor! But as we all know this isn’t Taylor’s first time at the wrestling show. After taking some lumps he lays into Marcus’ lean and ripped body with punishing blows, slams, boston crabs, a bow and arrow, and a naked suspended surfboard! Before they exit the ring Taylor even manages to feed Marcus his dick while he has him suspended in a tombstone piledriver. Once the boys head back to the mat room it’s time to strip the gear and have some private fun. Taylor feeds Marcus his cock while on his knees and Marcus laps it up like he was the last twink at the sex club before quarantine. Then Taylor mounts and fucks his ass in every position in the gay sex book including a round of pumping his cock between Marcus’ feet! Both boys bust their loads all over each other and by then they are totally spent and totally satisfied - and you will be too! 

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