Dax Carter vs Joey McCoy

We’d like to think that Joey has learned a few things from all the thrashings he’s taken by the MBW roster. At first glance this match looks like another Joey squash - RIGHT? Oooooooh no fans! Joey comes out of the stable like a house on fire and beats the shit out of Dax Carter. He literally flings his little body at the big man and starts drilling him with smashes, punches, body splashes, shoulder blocks, stomps, and sub holds! Wait until you see the STUNNED expression on Dax and the buckets of sweat as he tries to swat Joey away. The onslaught is real and Joey takes the big man off his feet and cranks mat holds on him too! Dax is dripping and stumbling and we are loving every minute of it - victory MUST be soon at hand! Ok maybe not. Dax is built like an ox. Or maybe an ox on steroids? An ox will devour a twink for a mid-day snack and then eat 20 more at dinner. Dax ain’t happy he is taking a beating so inevitably he needs to beat the fuck out of poor Joey. At first he toys with him verbally and physically. He taunts him, eggs him on, and then says “fuck it” and just SMASHES HIM. Dax makes a pretzel out of Joey’s smooth little body on numerous occasions and from the numerous squeels coming from Joey's mouth I don’t think it tickles. Joey indeed does get the destruction you may have seen coming but we applaud his valiant effort against a man 3 times his size. His day will come but until then this back and forth is a small wonder. 

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