Nick Milani vs Brad Honeycutt

Skills and natural talent combine as MBW upstart Nick faces off with experienced pro wrestler Brad Honeycutt. Brad knows how to dish out the punishment and he really lays into Nick! Brad’s smooth muscular body and baby faced expressions don’t tell the whole story, this dude likes to HURT his opponents and Nick is no different. Nick may look like a twink (with an ass the size of a watermelon) but this 20 year old is also tough as fuck. He has a patented mule kick he learned in karate class and he certainly puts it to use here, along with big stomps and punches. When not getting his ass handed to him Nick actually manages to mount quite a offense on Brad which is a refreshing change for the newbie! The way he racks the pro wrestler you’d almost think he could have a pro wrestling career - almost. However, after a decade plus in the indy pro wrestling world Brad has a huge arsenal of moves and holds and he uses a ton of them to thrash Nick and thrash him ROUGH. The back and forth is really hot and sweaty and both these boys look great in their trunks (fyi, the sweat spigot bursts and Brad’s trunks become see-through don’t ya know!). Fans will love these boys grit and their hot bodies as they smash their way through this satisfying mat contest!

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