Spencer Hawkins vs Corey Turner

With a name like Spencer Hawkins it's pretty certain he’s going to be a jobber and up until now this was true. So much so that Spence seems to have developed an inferiority complex and a really nasty temper. Corey is gonna help his fix that right quick! Fans will be STUNNED when they see just how rough and dirty Spencer absolutely DESTROYS poor badger boy. And we mean TOTAL destruction. He stomps, punches, chokes, racks, and hammers him with a brutal beatdown that is definitely one of the hottest squashes ever filmed for MBW.  Jobber Spencer slowly turns into a BEAST as he cranks on a painful hangman and then later punishes Corey with a savage figure 4 leg lock. What did Corey ever do to deserve this? Nothing kid, just take your licks and hope you will walk out of the matroom in one fucking piece!

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