Lobo Gris vs Drew Harper

Pretty Boy vs Latin Lover! Drew is damn pretty and his opponent Lobo Gris (aka Grey Wolf) looks a bad boy from a tele novella. Drew has become the jobber of choice lately on the underground wrestling scene which might explain why he blasts out of the starting gate and starts whipping the snot out of Lobo! He starts out with punishing mat holds but he is not afraid to land some vicous shots to the body too. Next up he dishes out bodyslams, wedgies, and some ball torture that will make your nuts run for cover! In his first outing for MBW, Lobo shows just how tough he is and then he (literally) strikes when the opportunity arises. He drills Drew with so many gut punches that his belly turns 3 different shades of red. Both of these new boys want to make an impression and holy hell they sure do! The action is fast paced and the cries of pain from Lobo can be heard in Siberia. We wanted these boys to go at it MBW style and they truly deliver the goods!

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