Joey McCoy vs Dante

It’s common knowledge that Joey is one of the sexiest boy toys of all time but it’s also true that he gets his ass BEAT a fuck ton. He’s a great jobber boy but in this matchup vs Dante he’s out to prove once and for all he can heel it up just like the big men! From the first second of this video it’s clear Joey is out to finally prove his mettle. He lays into Dante with every possible pro move and mat hold invented since the Greeks wrestled at Olympus. Elbow drops, body slams, sub holds, camels, body punches, scissors, splashes, leg drops, suplexes - throw the kitchen sink at him Joey! Not to mention he cranks on one of the hottest figure 4 leg locks and spine crunching suspended surfboards we’ve ever seen! Joey is like a wrestling demon possessed and he WILL get his victory no matter what it takes! Dante is cool and cerebral and tough as steel. He withstands the onslaught with a dashing confidence that makes us wonder if Joey can even break this level headed kid or maybe just bend him a ton?! Tune in and find out! 

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