Scrappy McNair vs Brad Honeycutt

Both of these smooth boys have model looks and skilled pro wrestlers. Letting them loose in the ring was a fucking awesome idea because WOW what an old school pro style fight this turns out to be! It’s stiff, fast, and both boys suffer better than anyone in underground wrestling! Scrappy is dripping in sweat and he dishes out the slams and suplexes. You’d think he was a WWE prospect when he nails a textbook snap plex on Brad! When he’s not pounding Brad’s back with big moves he’s choking him on the ropes or using his boot to choke Brad in the corner turnbuckle. Brad returns the favor in the other turnbuckle and clearly this stud isn’t going down easy! Both men are grafting for a win and as they sweat and trash talk and pound on each other’s bodies you will NOT want this one to end! 

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