Derek Bolt vs Gabe Steel

Derek Bolt has battled through a good chunk of the MBW roster but he’s never faced off with Gabe Steel and fans you’ve NEVER seem him like this! Bolt thrashes Gabe with hammers to the pecs, shoulders blocks to the gut, and some hot slams and suplexes. His variation of a chicken wing turns Gabe into a human pretzel and that is just the first section of this super rough match up! To make it simple for you here are the basics: Gabe is all cocky attitude and Derek knocks him off his perch and just beats the shit out of him. Still, Gabe manages to mount a hell of a comeback and it’s not often we see someone scoop up a big bodybuilder like Bolt and give him a huge bodyslam in the center of the ring! And for extra fun Derek strips off his trunks and wrestles the 2nd half in a rainboy thong that really shows off his ASSetts. Derek has played the bad boy before but something about Gabe has his trunks in a knot and he wants to show this underground star who the baddest bad ass is in the ring! 

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