Quin Quire vs Austin Tyler

There is simply noting hotter than two gorgeous, talented, muscular, and ripped wrestlers going at it back and forth inside the squared circle. Though Quin comes from the porn world he is one of our most talented wrestling stars and Austin is so good he can now be found on your TV screens wrestling for the big companies. For fans of true pro wrestling skills this match will have you wishing you were living back in the old days of 1970’s and 80’s TV wrestling on Saturday mornings. Both of these hot men look incredible in their pro gear and they are so talented that you will see holds and moves you’ve never seen before. Quin is as bendy as rubber band and Austin twists him up like a ragdoll (when he’s not drilling body punches to Quin’s chiseled physique). When Quin takes control Austin falls victim to a hold we can only describe as the “Quin Special”. It’s part surfboard, part boston crab, and 100% HOT as fuck. Not to be outdone Austin jacks up Quin in a torture rack that nearly splits the boy in two! There is no hotter ring action out there fans - this one is not to be missed!! 

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