Nick Flex & Austin Tyler vs Corey Turner & Santiago Figueroa

Tag team action! Nick Flex and Austin Tyler do NOT get along. But when facing a couple of pretty twinks they put aside their squabbles and realize these two twinky jobbers are too tasty to pass up! Corey and Santi arrive in cool joe sunglasses and think “we got this”. What they get is an old fashioned one sided tag team SQUASH complete with double clotheslines, double suplexes, and enough bodyslams to start an earthquake. Give the twinks their due. They manage to endure a dozen thunderous moves each and still jump up for some more pounding! The squash is evenly divided among the two jobbers and there are some moments you see a glimmer of hope for a miraculous comeback. But Nick and Austin have 100lbs and 100 moves in their favor and fuck it is hot to watch them toy with these boys. This tag team annihilation is one you will watch over and over! 

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