Roger Atlas vs Johnny Greco

At MBW we love to add more MUSCLE. Roger Atlas has muscle, charisma, and the type of old school pro wrestling skills that will send our fans into orbit! For his first match we put him up against another talented adonis, Johnny Greco. This back and forth barn burner is a pro wrestling clinic that harkens back to the early days of Saturday morning pro wrestling. These two seem out for blood as they hammer, suplex, and bodyslam each other all over the ring! Roger has an ass of death and is a natural in front of the camera but wait until you see his outstanding pro wrestling prowess! This preening, strutting bodybuilder will soon be a fan favorite and trust us he LOVES the attention! The action is so fast and furious it’s hard to determine which muscled stud has the advantage. Rest assured fans, Roger isn’t wasting his MBW debut! He stomps and pummels Johnny with authority. His use of the ropes to choke Johnny is classic old shool and wait until you see him put the boots to Johnny’s head! The action is top notch and these two gorgeous boys make it all look so HOT! 

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