Iceman Johnson vs Drew Harper

Iceman is quickly becoming the oil wrestling king of MBW. His latest slick and sexy matchup is with rising star Drew Harper. After entering MBW with a bang, Drew seems out for blood in this one. We always love when pretty boy jobbers feel a need to prove themselves because then it’s SO hot to watch them fall on their ass! As these two squirt oil all over each other’s bodies it would be easy to assume this will be one of those lighter touch scuffles on the oily mats. But just watch how the boys prove you wrong! Iceman hammering Drew’s back and gut look rougher than most stiff pro bouts. Drew doesn’t pass up the chance to run his hands all over his opponents ripped abs and thick legs. But he also knows his stomps, gut punches, and submission holds have to be cranked on with intensity if he is going to have a shot. And did we mention our catalog title was largely inspired by the absolutely VICIOUS way that Iceman wrecks Drews cock and balls? Drew’s thongy neon trunks and Iceman’s cock conturing baby blue banana sack will undoubtedly keep your hard ons raging! And their no holds barred attack on each other will really keep you coming back for more! 

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