Bull Barrett vs Jesse Zane

Let’s own this fans. Don’t we ALL want Bull Barrett to be our personal heel/sir/master/daddy/coach/dom/best friend? The dude is stunningly handsome and muscular and has a mean sneer that could melt steel with a glance. Here he faces off with our resident tough punk Jesse Zane. With both boys in schoolboy singlets the coach/boy vibe couldn’t be stronger. Throw in some super hot kissing, bare ass humping, nip torture, ball torture (go Jesse!), and sexual suggestiveness and the temperature in the mat room rises to a comfortable boiling hot! These two aren’t content with pretend wrestling. They dive in with a rabid fierceness that is unmatched on the MBW mats. They can’t seem to decide if they want to beat the crap out of each other or fuck the living daylights out of each other - clearly the answer is both! Bull has the height, weight, and muscle advantage but we all know never to count out Jesse. He has the skill and heart of a champion and once they strip down to barely there trunks the sweat flies and the action gets even MORE turbulent. Bull dominates but Jesse gets in TONS of licks! Both these guys are great at combining real wrestling skill with angry punches and verbal assaults. The result is one of the hottest (and sweatiest) contests ever filmed on the MBW mat! 

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