Lobo Gris vs Gunnar Stone

Normally the headline for this match would be “Lobo wears a jockstrap that shows off his cute hairy ass”. But as this catalog goes to the presses a more accurate one might be “Gunnar Stone pummels Lobo - Lobo LOVES it - Lobo exacts REVENGE!”. As you witness Lobo muscle worshipping the wrestling god known as Gunnar one has to wonder how long before Gunnar puts the boots to the latin boy wonder? Gunnar obviously has the goods to manhandle his slender opponent but there is one tactic Gunnar didn’t plan for: Lobo is gonna wreck his balls and then wreck them some more. Then he’s going to tie up your balls in the ropes until you turn so red you start to resemble a slab of meat being beaten until tender. Keeping with the theme of Cat 24 Lobo goes rogue and lays the testicle smackdown on Gunnar and wow it is ROUGH! It’s hard to keep a big man down even after you take an anvil to their nuts and yeah Gunnar will rise again and humiliate Lobo in his bright red jockstrap. The ending will make your dick rage and Gunnar’s rage will get you to bust your nut!

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