Armond Rizzo vs Leo Luckett

Did someone call for backup? If you need assistance in a wrestling ring you’d be hard pressed to come up with a hotter option than Alex Costa. Leo Luckett was set to face off against returning superstar Armond Rizzo but he brought a valet to beat all valet’s in Sir Alex Costa. Leo preens and struts his way into the ring but manages to steal some kisses and gropes from his Daddy. Armond is ready for action but Leo has a new found confidence and he lays into Armond from the get go. Perhaps his Daddy has been giving him private pro wrestling lessons? Whatever the case may be it’s really hot to see Leo and Armond go at it with Costa providing the window dressing. Before this one wraps up Leo’s cock will be in Armond’s mouth and Costa will carry Leo out of the ring like a newborn baby! Sometimes wrestling turns into comedy but there is also some hot pro action and some very sexy man on boy play!

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