Scrappy McNair vs Jeremy Daniels

Who's up for some sweaty fun? Then behold the absolutely sweat drenched fight between Scrappy and Jeremy. It features both hunks in skimpy see-through gear and tons of face humping action. And since this is Cat 24 we are required to mention that packed in between all the sweaty wrestling there is a ball smashing demonstration that requires multiple viewings. We must admit we never realized how much Scrappy LOVES to grab a dude’s junk! He also brings his full arsenal of moves and holds to the party and throws EVERY single one of them at Jeremy. Scrappy has developed into a sumpremely skilled mat technician but the way he executes his moves has SEXY written all over it. Watching him take apart Jeremy with wrestling moves is super hot but Scrappy was feeling frisky this shooting day and damn does he seem to enjoy humping Jeremy’s face and torturing the boy’s balls. The gear, the sweat, the balls, and the humping make this one a MUST see. 

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