Blake Hunter vs Nick Flex

Blake Hunter’s much talked about giant hard on seems only to rage when he is getting the shit kicked out of him. This erotic matchup with Nick Flex proves that theory! Blake is given the ass whupping he clearly craves and he gets to have Nick’s cock in his mouth for extra pleasure. Nick Flex never kisses ANYONE and yet here we see him slugging Blake with hammering forearms smashes in between shoving his tongue down his throat and playing with his nipples. This is the most erotic match Nick has ever participated in. Seeing Blake’s giant cock packed into his pink pro wrestling trunks we can clearly see why Nick is so turned on. These big men are REALLY into each other but that doesn’t prevent Nick from smacking Blake so much that most of his body is beat red by the time it’s over. When Nick isn’t slamming, punching, or choking Blake, he is pumping his throat with his dick or playing with Blake’s giant ass and his pretty hole. Nick doesn’t do this with any of the other wrestlers but on this day Blake is getting what he wants: a beating like no other and some hot erotic play as a chaser! 

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