Derek Bolt vs Austin Tyler

Every time we see Derek Bolt do a double bicep flex while straddling Austin Tyler we are convinced that somewhere a gay man just fainted. This guy is so built and so hot his sweat could be sold for the price of gold. Going up against an experienced pro wrestler like Austin, Bolt is out to prove he can wrestle pro like the best of them (and look tens times better doing it!). His moves are cleaner and crisper than ever before and his multiple bodyslams are so nasty they leave Austin reeling. When he isn’t fiercely choking Austin, Derek is cranking on racks and pummeling Austin’s body with blows and stomps. In the pro wrestling shows on TV Austin has wrestled big men many times before and he knows how to handle them. When he takes over the bout in the center of the ring, the chokes and sub holds he puts on Bolt are much sexier and rougher than we’ve seen previously from Austin. He’s gonna go rough and he going to dish it out on Bolt! This is true old school pro wrestling with a stiff edge that we know our fans love. And where else in underground wrestling will you see a giant bodybuilder like Bolt fling a hot pro wrestler over the top rope? As we say about so much of our hot action, you can only see it here at Muscleboy Wrestling!! 

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