Taylor Reign vs Gabe Steel

The way Gabe Steel took apart twinkie Marcus Ryan in the mat room is the stuff of wrestling legends. But this time he faces off with the ultimate pro wrestling twink Taylor Reign - and as we all know this boy can WRESTLE. On top of that, they are in the squared circle where Taylor feels most at home. These two seasoned pro’s put on quite a show and trust us fans they do NOT go easy on each other!  Taylor is a ring master and he is facing off a worthy and technically skilled pro wrestler in Gabe Steel. All your fave pro action is right here: suplexes, slams, brawling, and rope work. The double fucking piledriver at the end will make your bones ache and your hard-ons twitch. And for extra measure Gabe leaves Taylor hanging on the ropes for the ultimate twink punishment! Two great wrestles, two hot muscle boys, and tons of great action. You can’t ask for much more than that baby! 

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