Nick Milani vs Bull Barrett

At nearly one hour long, this epic and erotic mat battle is half sexy foreplay and half rough domination! These boys can’t decide if this is a very long prelude to a fuck-fest or an actual wrestling match. Should they wrestle? Should they fuck? The suspense will get you charged up and your wood will stand at attention. Watching Bull slap Nick across the face multiple times makes our wood turn to rock. Bull Barrett is the butchest Mother F***er in MBW and he is here to dominate and plow our entire roster so don’t get in his way boys! But first he wants to work over Nick VERY rough and tease us with enough foreplay to make your trunks drip. These boys are so into each other we thought the mat would literally start on fire. Bull is a STAR and Nick’s ass is an 11 out of 10 and that is an unbeatable combination!

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