Iceman Johnson vs Johnny Greco

Watching Iceman and Johnny inspect each other’s muscles really makes you go hmm... These two spend quite a bit of time flexing and caressing each other’s biceps, pecs, and quads and needless to say fans we are HERE for it! Iceman seems particularly enamored with Johnny. Both of these boys are built SO damn thick which makes watching them pound on each other’s muscles a lip smacking good time. Johnny hammers Iceman’s pecs and abs and Iceman hammers Johnny’s pecs and abs! Iceman has begun to show glimmers of a real trained pro wrestler in the ring. As he suplexes and bodyslams Johnny your libido will recall some of the great bodybuilder pro wrestlers of decades past. And for the record NOBODY executes a bearhug sexier that Iceman! The back and forth has grit and the boys could not be hotter. This is MBW at it’s muscled up BEST!

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