Scrappy McNair vs Marcus Ryan

DAMN Scrappy are you auditioning for WWE? He throws literally everything but the kitchen sink at baby face Marcus. Multiple standing suplexes, bodyslams, tree of woe, camels, crabs, and every other pro wrestling move you can think of! Watching Scrappy play the heel makes you realize that you are watching a true artist who excels at his craft. Throughout his time at MBW we’ve watched him progress from a flexing pretty boy with a few nice moves into a full throttle pro wrestling MASTER! As far as Marcus goes, well he’s game for some punishment (and then some). This boy gets hard no matter who is working him over and there is definitely some perk in his shiny blue trunks this time around. And since this is MBW, Scrappy also does not miss a chance to work over the boy’s balls with earth shattering accuracy! Sometimes sexy Twinks should just be SQUASHED - wait strike that, they MUST be squashed and Scrappy is the man for the job. He revels in every second of it and so will you!!

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