Joey McCoy vs Corey Turner

Hey fans, here’s a shocker for you: maybe Joey McCoy was meant to be a heel all along?! He poses, struts, and preens his way through this rough demolition of Corey Turner - fans will be stunned at his new attitude! He flexes his biceps so many times you’d think he was getting ready for a bodybuilder competition (for twinks). For years we have heard from the fans that they have been craving this match up and these two jobber boys do not disappoint! Joey is a ring technician and he brings a huge arsenal of classic pro wrestling moves like suplexes, powerslams, and a figure four that would make Ric Flair proud. Joey sure loves having someone his own size to toss around and Corey is a rough little fucker that tries some rough play of his own on Joey. The big story here is all about Joey McCoy, he lights up the ring with sexy moves and a self confidence that is irresistible!

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