Quin Quire vs Nick Flex

We all know what a rough and tough stud Nick Flex is but seeing him literally lick his chops at the sight of Quin Quire really got our juices flowing. The sparks are real as we see a true Dom master and his muscled prey circle each other. Quin is ripped, tough, and flexible and after a few years with MBW he has honed his wrestling skills too. All of that comes in handy in any mat room battle but this one has a sensual role play quality that brings it to another level! Nick is here to do his usual mix of stomps, punches, and chokes and damn he sure does choke the shit out of Quin. No matter what type of beatdown Nick dishes out Quin just keeps coming back for more! Quin WANTS to get dominated and Nick is more than happy to make that dream a reality. Quin sloooowly licks Nick’s boots and he is really enjoying himself! As Quin’s big expressive eyes look up at Nick we can only enjoy the show and fantasize about which role we wish we were playing in this super sexy MBW fantasy world!

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