Rob Steel vs Johnny Greco

The camera LOVES Rob Steel and Rob Steel loooves the camera. This musclebound hunk has all the attitude, body, and skill to be an MBW Superstar! His chiseled muscles and bushy beard are the perfect foil for a beefed up Johnny Greco. Johnny has packed on some beef and arrives with a chip on his shoulder. It seems Johnny’s jobber boy persona has begun to wear thin and he is here to tear apart our new stud Rob. These two go at it rough and fast with bodyslams and ball shots flying from minute one. Johnny slams Rob so hard that his body literally bounces off the mat like a rubber ball. Wearing his cock sculpting trunks that hug his ass of death, Rob has also come to PLAY. He is no pushover and he likes getting rough just as much as Johnny does. The back and forth is super hot but Johnny is on a mission from the jobber gods and he will NOT be denied! Watching him pull Rob apart limb from limb is a pro wrestling fan’s dream come true and the slams will be heard from here to eternity. 

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