Scrappy McNair vs Kurt Fletcher

Did Scrappy piss off the wrestling gods? Last catalog Scrappy tore apart twink Marcus Ryan and the fans lapped it up. Perhaps he tempted fate because pro wrestler Kurt Fletcher decides to rip into Scrappy like no one has before! With his bubble ass and long locks you’d think Kurt would be all style and no substance but oh HELL no! He lays into Scrappy with slams, stomps, punches, suplexes, bearhugs, and every other pro wrestling move in the kitchen sink! Scrappy is great at playing the heel but watching him whine, cry, and suffer is equally pleasuring. By the halfway mark he is sweaty and reeling and you will love every second of it. Scrappy is always scrappy so you can be sure he will make some comebacks and he sure does here. In the end he is made to suffer at the hands of a true pro wrestling master and the boy submits in a squall of pro wrestling power moves and punishing mat holds! 

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