Iceman Johnson vs Tyson Carter

This ring match starts out as a pro wreslting “lesson”. Eager jobber Tyson wants big heel Iceman to “show him the ropes”. Iceman smells a fresh kill and decides to jump on that idea and at first it’s all friendly banter while they swap holds. That is until Iceman decides he’s bored and he wants to take the boots (and the fists) to Tyson’s ripped body. And OH WOW does he ever! Iceman rips apart Tyson limb from limb and rocks him with smashes to his face and body that send the jobber boy reeling across the ring several times. Tyson has played the jobber rag doll before and this poor punk faces nothing less an old school stiff lesson in Iceman. The contrast of behemoth Iceman vs lean boy Tyson couldn’t be more stark and sure Ice will show the boy “the ropes”, suuuure he will. What better way to do it then to trap him IN the ropes and torture him there? Then he leaves his prey tangled in the ropes for the next heel to come and take his turn!

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