Bull Barrett vs Rex Brody

Pairing Bull and Rex with each other is like watching two astoundingly hot muscle bears tear each other apart at a Greek wrestling tournament in another century. The erotic tension and fierce intensity between these two is apparent from the first second they step on the mats. They make out so intensely we thought they might swallow each others tongues. Bull has been ripping through all the big boys in MBW and he sees Rex as his next conquest to conquer. They start in sexy singlets and strip down to jocks in no time. Once they are mostly naked then the erotic brutality REALLY begins! Whether making a meal of Rex’ massive pecs and nips or stroking his enormous package, it’s pretty clear Bull isn’t going to hold back. This battle is fought low and sweaty on the mats with plenty of licking, humping, kissing and ball torture to satisfy everyone’s tastes! Don’t be fooled, Rex gets in plenty of licks and licking too. When the dust settles, Bull Barrett came here to dominate and DOM he will!

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