Tripp Evans vs Jax Atwell

Jax Atwell you LUCKY dog! For his debut at MBW the powers that be decided to serve up fellow newcomer Tripp Evans for Jax to play with. After a rip roaring battle vs Rob Steel in Cat 28, Tripp is eager to prove his worth and he snatches this opportunity and runs with it. Watching a sexy little tank like Tripp slash his way through this video really makes you appreciate the muscle and pluck this kid has to offer. Tripp is all in and exclusive with MBW and his ceiling is as high as the freakin sky. He pounds and slams and drills twinky Jaxx with ease. He also takes every chance he gets to kiss, grope, and hump him! Jax is not new to wrestling and he also jumps at the chance to hammer and slug Tripp’s perfect chiseled body - when he’s not sucking on Tripps luscious nips that is! These two love beating on each other and also go head first into our erotic brutality theme. They love to wrestle, love to get sexy, and love to fight through all those erotic impulses seething under their skin. Watch and enjoy and then watch it again fans!

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