Scrappy McNair vs Austin Sugar

You want erotic brutality? Scrappy is a master at making wrestling as sexy as hell and we think Austin will surprise the FUCK out of you! In previous matchups Austin has come off as a passive jobber (and a willing bottom boy) but in this video he speaks all in Russian. Perhaps someone in the Russian mob has been prepping him to take on our American dream boy. The way Scrappy gets in close and sensually gropes Austin’s perfect body makes us think he is angling to be an Ambassador. Scrappy combines his usual sexy attitude and vicious moves but it is Austin that can really throw a punch! He also snaps on a nasty camel while mumbling something in Russian that we assume must mean “do you give boy?”.  Wrestling is sexy as fuck and Scrappy enjoys every inch of Austin’s smooth, muscular physique. More than ever, this video shows just how far he can push the envelop without having all out sex in the matroom. It’s a master class in wrestling and erotic brutality and we are HERE for it.

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