Austin Tyler vs Corey Turner

Austin is a pro wrestling star on TV and watching this video you can really see why. After enjoying this gorgeous stud use his power moves and fercious mat holds on the Muscle Boys over the years, we knew he’d eventually be a star. The mismatch of Austin vs Corey is something Austin thrives on and once he establishes control he never lets up. He pummels poor Corey with every move known to man and they are BRUTAL as hell. When Austin is given this type of advantage he is merciless as he savagely takes apart Corey limb by limb. This slow and steady ruthless squash is obviously turning on little Corey and Austin never blinks as he works over the boy with abandon! Slams, piledrivers, body blows, racks, scissors, backbreakers and tons MORE! The suplexes are a true thing of beauty as Corey’s sexy little body gets tossed around like a crash test dummy. This is a clinic and Austin is the master, so bow down and get off because this kind of talent is rare.

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