Rob Steel vs Artemis Iron

Is there anything hotter than muscle on muscle action? Behold two ripped and chiseled tatted gods wailing on each other as if they were trying to beat the trunks off of each other! In MBW there are muscle boys and then there are MUSCLE BOYS. Rob and Artemis are bodybuilders with enough muscle to haul a monster truck through the snow. Rob’s legs are always an especially enticing feature and when his legs are wrapped Artemis’ body, you’d think he was about to pop. Artemis is a newbie but he takes to the mats like a wolf to a lamb chop dinner and DAMN does he love flexing for the camera!  His suffering is also sexy but so are his body blows and mat holds. The way he rides Rob’s face makes also us all go hmmmmm. When giant muscle gods collide there is no telling what the ending will be and we won’t play spoiler on this one!

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