Rob Steel vs Brendan Byers

Who wants to see massive bodybuilder Rob Steel get squashed to within an inch of his life? WE DO. Brendan Byers likes to work over smaller jobbers boys but he was more than willing to step up to this challenge. Brendan has developed a mean streak since joining MBW and we love to see it and we encourage it. Rob is literally rippling with muscle from head to toe. His legs are the size of double wide tree trunks and his abs are like a washboard with the deepest grooves you’ve ever seen. Rob likes to rough it up with the boys with the best of them but Brendan is out for blood in this one. He wails on Rob with punches, stomps, and the nastiest tombstone in all of wrestling! Rob gets his licks in to be sure, this isn’t a one sided squash job but Brendan just wants it more. And he is determined to do it hard, dirty, and ROUGH. 

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