Alex Costa vs Jesse Zane

Revenge is best served HOT and this very rough ring battle is smoking. These two MBW stars have squared off before but never in the ring - this time they get naked and and bring MUCH more sexy play into the match. Jesse takes command fast as he ties up Alex in the ropes he plays with his nipples incessantly. Nipples and punches seem to be the main course here and Jesse slugs his gut so much we thought he’d break through the skin. As all his fans know, Alex will NEVER be outdone in the ring and he rages back like only Costa can! He pummels the fuck out of Zane’s abs so hard that marks were left all over his body. Zane manages to use every inch of the ring space as he hammers Costa from ring post to ring post and ties him up in many of his signature sub holds. Once Costa’s trunks are off revealing a sexy thong, the action goes erotic. These boys get naked and jack off in the center of the ring fulfilling every wrestling fans dream. We can only watch and wonder and press rewind as the erotic sparks explode!

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