Johnny Greco vs Leo Langston

Johnny Greco has developed into a terrific pro wrestler and watching him utilize the ring in creative ways is a source of pride for MBW boss Rocco. Greco has been beefing up his body too and there are no complaints on that front either! Leo Langston has a few inches on Johnny and he has a body of death and enough enthusiasm to fill up 3 wrestling rings. These two go at it with refreshing abandon and they toss each other around the ring and even exchange the dreaded tree of woe in the turnbuckle. Johnny is the more controlled and skilled wrestler and he gets the upper hand with a wide array of moves and tactics. But when it comes down to it, nothing is more effective than the ball crushing elbow he drills into Leo’s nuts while he’s hanging upside in the buckle. Look away fans! Or rewind and watch it another 10 times! 

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