Scrappy McNair vs Corey Turner

We lost count on how many times Corey caresses Scrappy’s abs and pecs - he can’t seem to keep his hands off of Scrappy and honestly if you were wrestling him wouldn’t you do the same? PLUS...Scrappy keeps INVITING Corey to touch him all over! Scrappy’s very sweaty see through white trunks transitions to his even MORE see through and sweaty jock strap. Boy does it help to eroticize the action - nothing is left to the imagination here fans! The weight difference leans heavily in Scrappy’s corner and he stomps, sleepers, punches, hammers, racks, slams, and brutalizes Corey to the limit of human endurance. After turning Corey upside down and burying his junk in his face, Scrappy decides that one tombstone piledriver is NEVER enough. He repeats the terrorizing move for a 2nd & 3rd time and it’s more each time Corey’s head bounches off the mat. If that wasn’t enough, Scrappy military presses the jobber clean over his head! Scrappy is a master technician and once in a liftetime showman and he is all that here and a bag of chips. As is his way, his ass out for the world to see through a large portion of this match too…and that perfectly round muscle ass can only be witnessed here at MuscleBoy Wrestling! 

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