Iceman Johnson vs Lobo Gris

Scuplted and beefy, Iceman is a perfect specimen of manly muscle. There is only one thing that can up the ante when watching him wrestle: watching him wrestle in OIL. Iceman’s power and experience overpower Lobo at first but don’t count out this slippery and sneaky competitor. After taking his bumps from Iceman, Lobo grabs the reigns and doesn’t let go. He LITERALLY knocks Iceman out COLD. Then with a wink and a smile he brings in the bottle of oil and declares “we’re gonna have…a lot of FUN". Lobo looks up and down Iceman’s body and sees a delicious meal for the taking. Squirting oil on Iceman’s unconscious body and then rubbing it all over his smooth muscles is a tough assignment but Lobo doesn’t seem to mind. Eventually, Iceman is alert enough to take back the matroom and this sweaty and slick match goes to new heights! Slip and slide your way through this one fans and don’t forget to keep the oil handy. 

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