Luke Truong vs Masyn Thorne

Fight or Fuck? Why choose, it'll be BOTH. These boys know their way around the MBW mat room and from the looks of it they know how to torture each other’s ball until they are both screaming in pain as well. When they aren’t wrecking nuts these two really play up the brawling aspect of Cat 34. Punching each other’s pecs and guts until they both have red marks all over seems to be the tactic from both sides. Masyn is turning into the bad boy of underground wrestling and he is on a mission to humiliate. Luke likes to be choked and slapped so you do the math. It’s a true back and forth here but Masyn grabs the bull by the horns (or the boy by the balls?) and grand slams a bunch of home runs into Luke’s pretty butthole - from all over the yard. Once he’s rounding home inside the bottom in the 9th, Masyn pulls out and shoots all over Luke’s face. He’s won the game but he wants extra innings so he forces Luke to lick up his own cum off the mat. These two are heading to the hall of fame! 

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