Rob Steel vs Joey Nux

Here at MBW we love bodybuilders. These two jacked hunks have a full head of steam and collide in our mat room with a force that will make you tremble. If these two were a tag team they’d be called “The Bash Brothers”. This brawl is truly about two brawlers with tons of muscle and a chip on their shoulder. The way Joey drills Rob’s head into the wall multiple times we definitely think “bash” is also the operative word. As an added plus, when they aren’t viciously pummeling each other, these two love to show off and flex for the camera. This match often feels like part punch fest and part bodybuilding show - now that’s a show we’d buy a premium ticket for! The back and forth is awesome to behold but in the end Joey wants to go for a 10 count to really punctuate his dominance and prove he is the stud with the most cred. We will leave it up to you if you think he has the muscle the stamina to get it! 

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