Bull Barrett vs Gabe Steel

Our subtitle for this catalog should have read “RING BRAWLS INCLUDED”. Bull and Gabe don’t require batteries and they are charged up and ready for action. Quite honestly this might be one of the best old school pro wrestling matches ever filmed. The action has it all: multiple slams and suplexes, staggering sub holds, back and forth action, cheap shots, trash talk, make outs, stomps, punches, and some hot cock stroking! Granted not all pro wrestling on TV in the 70’s came with under the trunks action but no one told Bull Barrett that. He goes at Gabe’s cock and nips several times while also hammering the crap outta him. His textbook belly to belly suplex towards the end will bring back many memories of when TV wrestling could be HOT. And don’t tell Gabe Steel he is going down because as we all know this kid has tons of fight in him! He rages back at Bull and even hoists him up for some big suplexes and slams. Nobody puts Gabe in a corner, although he stomps Bull in the corner turnbuckle with authority. Both of these manly men bring the pain to their opponent and it’s anyone’s guess who will emerge victorious!  

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