Spencer Hawkins vs Jesse Zane

Twunk jobber vs Twunk jobber? Don’t say that to these two ring veterans because in this match they seem out for blood! Their gear is pure jobber heaven that’s for sure; one in pink and one in purplish pink. From the start Jesse is out to prove he is the sexiest pro wrestling Twunk in MBW with lightning arm drags, suplexes and tons of old school pro technique. He seems poised to dominate young Spence and we were cool with that. However, Spencer is a ring technician and he battles his way back with a vengeance with several old school pro moves of his own! But hold the phone boy wonder, Spencer also tosses aside his pretty boy image and actually tries to choke out Zane! Once he has Zane in a nasty suspended surfboard we know all bets are off. Then Spencer digs his boot into Jesse’s neck and we can’t help but wonder, where has nasty Spencer been all this time? We're really into him! Speaking of good boy gone bad, Jesse has been around this rodeo before. Even though he is known as a mat technician, he also really shines inside the ring. His sneak attack is thrilling and both boys end up marked up, sweaty and exhausted at the end of their wrestling journey!

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