Nick Flex vs Brad Honeycutt

Don’t BLINK! This match is fast and furious and way more HOT and ROUGH than repetitive movie franchises. Nick Flex knows he can dominate in the ring with a barrage of stomps, chokes and slams. Very few have given Nick Flex a run for their money in the MBW ring and low and behold it is none other than Brad Honeybutt (yeah we said it). This smooth pretty boy is up for the challenge! When we deciced to call Cat 34 “BRAWLING” were weren’t kidding. In between all the pro moves these two guys literally stand and stagger in the center of the ring trading blows for what seems like hours. Nick has size on Brad but spark plug Brad has heart. He goes toe to toe with Nick throughout. That said, there are a few times we feared for Brad’s life. Like when Nick runs from buckle to buckle on the outside apron and then drills his knee into Brad’s head and he nearly passes out on the canvas. In the meanwhile both guys throw ever move in the book at each other: front slams, OTK backbreakers, slams, plexes, stomps, scissors, and BIG body splashes! We are prone to say “this match has it all” but in reality fans…this match HAS IT ALL! 

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