Pup Bandit vs Aiden Langston

There may be no better purveyor of the wrestle/fuck style of MBW than Aiden Langston. His combo of sexy/rough is just what our fans love and he runs into the muscled Mack truck that is Pup Bandit. Bandit makes his debut like a hammer to a glass egg, smashing everything in his way. Whether delivering body blows or drilling Aiden with a bone crushing body slam, this boy love to wrestle rough and is into rough fucking - so whatever you do don’t get in his way! Here’s even better news: the dude can REALLY WRESTLE. It doesn’t hurt that he’s built like a bulldog who has started going to the gym when he was 7. He’s thick and hot and clearly LOVES being the new meat at MBW. Aiden is the lucky boy toy who gets to suffer his wrath. This is definitely NOT a squash match, Aiden likes to give as much as he gets and gives he does! Settle in fans cause the fucking is just as hot as the wrestling, especially when Bandit wipes his pits with his sweaty trunks and then shoves them in Aiden’s mouth (then plows him). I guess it goes without saying that after the pound fest both boys blow their loads all over each other. They won’t be the only ones! 

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