Shane Michaels vs Evan Sterling

Start growling NOW fans. Once you lay eyes on Shane Michaels all you will be able mutter is WOOF. There are some thick and cut Muscle Boys on our roster but Shane might have the biggest set of legs and ass since Derek Bolt. And speaking of hot muscle, check out our other newbie Evan Sterling! Evan looks like he just walked out of a 1930s serial movie and we will let you in on a little secret fans: Evan loooves to wrestle. This mismatch might make you think a squash is in order but HELL NO. Evan isn’t letting Shane’s massive size stand in his way. Both of these gorgeous men are up for a hot fight and you will you bone up watching these two battle it out for the bragging rights as best newcomer! Shane’s bearhugs look like they could squish Evan’s body into two sections and his thighs are the size of tree trunks. Watching Shane bodysplash Evan is like watching a pancake being splattered by a giant flattening stone. Once the chokes set in you might fear for Evan’s safety but don’t fret fans. Both are up for the challenge and both go all in for what turns out to be a staggering debut for both muscle men. This match will ROCK your loins and make you pant for more!

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