Aaron Perez vs Joey McCoy

Hey Joey McCoy fans…you might wanna pull out your dick and start whacking NOW. When your opponent is literally a human gumby it goes without saying that Joey is gonna go all in. But this match truly needs to be seen to be believed! Joey throws every move in the book at Aaron: figure4s, spladles, ab stretches, and some twisty moves that we just don’t know the names for because he seems to be inventing them on the spot. Aaron’s body and bubble ass look like they can be split in two and then wrapped around a telephone poll without breaking a sweat. Who knew the human body could be distorted in such a manner? Joey McCoy sure does and he makes Aaron PAY. And and one more thing: buckle up fans. Here’s the real SHOCKER of this match: Aaron can be a heel! You read that right. Aaron Perez drills Joey’s ripped body with punches and stomps and we are loving EVERY minute of this turn of events! Both of these sexy twinks want to beat some ass and take some names and we know the MBW fans jaws will be on the floor throughout this back and forth stunner! 

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